Already from childhood on I was interested in visual art and did a lot of drawing and painting.

When I presented the idea of studying art to my parents they feared that I would never make a living from making paintings. And they were probably right… So they persuaded me to take up Architecture instead.

Fast forward: I indeed graduated in architecture in 2005 .

My first intensive encounter with photography was when I studied the great buildings from around the world and took up photography as my undergraduate studying subject.

Already during my studies I pursued photography as a passionate hobby.

And after graduation, I decided to travel in my beautiful country Indonesia. And it was during this time travelling that I had my first encounter with Bali: the culture, the landscape, the people – it was love at first sight. 😉

Right from the moment when I arrived in Bali I knew this is where I wanted to live and work.

Because I had photographed a few weddings in Jakarta iI quickly found a job as a wedding photographer in Bali.

I discovered though that I did not like the style my bosses wanted to photograph in. Because I was still fortunate to photograph with real film I always loved that look that film photographs provide.

So over the years, I honed my skills in producing this very film look for which I am now known here in Bali.

And that is where I am today. I am living the dream… on this wonderful place that is Bali.

I meet fantastic people from all over the world. Can it get any better?

I would love to work with you and creating a timeless, classic documentation of your big day in Bali.

Humbly Yours,

Jo Yú